I can’t live on the phone forever, we live too far away from everything. Julian Casablancas and the voidz (via livinginmusic)

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It doesn’t matter how much you have accomplished, or how hard you work, you can never earn the right to be an asshole. Julian Casablancas (x)

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Just my opinion but


What the fuck

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Fucking same julian.

The feather phase. I dunno. Something I came up with…
Medium: My trusty Sharpies
Date: September 19, 2014



school isn’t even about learning anymore, it’s about passing


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How do you become someone who puts stickers on fruit because I think I could do that

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Julian arriving in Mexico
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places to visit:

  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Moretta, Italy
  • Hammond, Indiana
  • Fraiture, Belgium

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